A new car brings joy

Watched for a long time, then a lot of catching up: Despite the cool weather in Barcelona, ​​Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel put on his first day in the Formula 1 test drives a fragrance brand.

The four-time world champion, who had paused on Monday at the start, turned in the new SF71H a total of 98 laps and set in 1: 19.673 minutes also the best time of the day.

“It’s important that everything last, the car is faultless so far,” Vettel said, “otherwise it’s hard to make any comparisons because it’s very cold, what the others are doing is not that important at the moment.”

In the morning, the Heppenheimer had hardly moved his bolide at temperatures around freezing. However, at its best on soft tires, the thermometer also showed only single-digit values. The performance was initially not in the foreground, Vettel explained.

“For us, the main purpose of this test is to get the most out of the car, and we want to do a lot of laps,” says Vettel: “We’ve done almost 100 laps, considering how cold it was and even snowing in the end , Is it okay.”

Heppenheimer is satisfied with his new car: “The car works, we did not have any problems with the reliability,” says Vettel, who speaks of progress.

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