Amazing Guinness World Records Held by Footballers

Perhaps sports and records are concepts quite similar in their meanings. Therefore, footballers so often get in the famous annual collection of Guinness records. However, not all of the truly great results are awarded the Guinness World Records. Some record holders have to wait a long time for the representatives of the directory to check and register their achievements in the list of the greatest. We collected 5 official amazing records held by footballers from

  1.      Lionel Messi, a four-time winner of the “Golden Ball”

In the last edition of the publication, the “second Maradona” mentioned as many as five times! Firstly, he was titled as the best football player of the year by FIFA. In the season 2011/2012, Lionel scored 50 goals in 37 matches, made two hat-tricks in the Champions League. And in 2012, Messi scored 91 goals! By the way, in the same 2012, the sculpture of Messi’s leg from pure gold, weighing 25 kg, was sold at auction for 4 million euros!

  1.      Hakan Sukur, the fastest goal at the World Championships

The opponent of this experienced Turkish goalscorer partly helped to set a record at the World Cup 2002: the South Korea national team in the match with Turkey immediately took the ball on their half of the field. However, the Korean footballer didn’t have time to give the pass to the goalkeeper and Hakan Sukur, like a Turkish falcon, broke in and literally “pecked” the ball out of the feet of the Korean. When the ball crossed the goal line, the referee’s stopwatch showed 10.8 seconds!

  1.      Miroslav Klose, the best scorer in the history of the World Cups

The former forward of the “Bavaria” was included in the Guinness World Records-2016 for a unique achievement in football. At the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, he scored his 16th ball in the final games of this tournament and surpassed the legendary Ronaldo. This record will not be broken for a long time!

  1.      Franz Beckenbauer, the first person who won the World Cup as a captain of the team and coach

The legendary German footballer won the gold of the World Cup in 1974, and two years later – raised the European Cup over his head. Who knew that Beckenbauer’s career would have at least one more such title. In 1990, Kaiser Franz (as this player and coach was named for his services and greatness) won the World Cup as a coach of the German national team.

  1.      Cristiano Ronaldo, the most expensive football player in the world

It was clear that the great Portuguese moved from “Manchester United” to Madrid “Real” one day. Before the summer of 2009, there were only two questions – when and for how much. On July 1, a new record holder appeared on the transfer market, outdone Zinedine Zidane. The Spanish club paid 94 million euros for Cristiano Ronaldo, also fixing a sum of 1 billion euros as compensation. Recently, Cristiano broke another record, which every blogger envied. Ronaldo became the most popular sportsman on Twitter – 29.5 million people were subscribed to the account of this Portuguese.


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